The Zentangle method of drawing is easy to learn, relaxing, and fun.The results are fast and beautiful. Although the amazing abstract images may look complicated, you will discover that they are achieved quite simply and are highly individual. As you grow in this practice, you may find surprising wells of creativity you forgot you possessed. It is a wonderful means of artistic expression for artists and "non-artists" of all ages.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tea and Tangles

Ink on paper
teacup rings of tea stains
florz, fengel, phicops, 
printemps, ixorus


  1. After the Royal Wedding last week, three Eminent Ladies went out to tea at an elegant London sidewalk cafe. Clockwise from the top, the Dutchess of Phicops, Lady Alison of Fengel and Princess Lynne of Ixorus. Notice those up to the minute black and white tiles in the sidewalk. This aerial view shows off their three fabulous hats to best effect, as they all lean forward, discussing every detail of the day. You can just see the scones they ordered on the left, three each! They would never indulge so, maybe just a bite or two. Ahh the Brits and those fabulous hats!

  2. Love the tea stain strings, and your imaginative wee story related to that over the top wedding, and those out rageous hats.

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